U.S. Lubricants

IMPORTANT: You are submitting an application to establish business with U.S. Venture, Inc. (“U.S. Venture” or “we” or “us”). In order for you to do so, we describe below certain legal rights and responsibilities. Please read carefully and contact us if you have any questions.
Consent to e-delivery:
Access to online documents:
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  • The business application process does not involve any fee charged by us to use our website, but you of course may incur charges from your Internet service provider in order to access information online. Also, your Internet service provider may occasionally experience system failure, and hyperlinks to documents may not function properly.
Duration of e-consent:
This election and consent applies only to the documents required to apply for business. To apply for business with U.S. Venture using an e-signature, you must consent by clicking "Sign & Submit" below. By clicking “Sign & Submit,” you consent to receiving the following documents electronically and acknowledge having reviewed, printed, or otherwise received them. If you do not click "Sign & Submit," you cannot apply for business using an e-signature but may download or request paper copies of all documents and apply by fax or mail.
  • Credit Terms
  • Standard Terms and Conditions
  • I acknowledge that I have full authority and legal capacity, whether individually or as a representative of a legal entity, both to apply for credit with U.S. Venture and to consent to any necessary background check or investigation related to the application for credit.
  • I understand that attaching my e-signature below is the legal equivalent of submitting a document signed by hand and that clicking on the button below manifests my desire and intent to apply for credit with U.S. Venture under, and to be bound by, the Credit Terms and Standard Terms and Conditions referenced above.
  • I understand that my submission of the electronic Business Application does NOT guarantee that U.S. Venture will extend credit to me or to the entity on whose behalf and for whose benefit I am signing and submitting this application.